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Living room is the most important part of a family, which can reflect the family atmosphere and a person’s lifestyle. The sofa, which is able to help us promote interpersonal communication and emotion, is the most relaxing area in a house. A vintage and comfortable leather sofa is a way of life expressed by the host. Watching TV, playing games, using the computer, entertaining guests, playing with the children, with these activities, you should choose the right sofa set, letting yourself, family and guests get a complete stretch and relaxation. Every day when you come home from work, you can let the sofa embrace your tired body!

The central meaning of sofa is soft, and it has a soft contact surface with the human body. The sofa is generally made by the number of seats, with single sofa, double sofa and multi-seat sofa, lounge sofa and other forms. Now the mainstream sofa materials on the market are mainly leather sofa and fabric sofa. Artsome, a manufacturer integrating the design, production and sales of high-end luxury home furniture, is specialize in top grain cowhide leather sofa. With more than twenty years experience, the materials that we used in the product are high-quality and durable. We would like to introduce the structure of a sofa and a variety of constituent materials to you for learning more about Artsome’s leather sofa.

1. The Structure of Artsome Leather Sofa

Sofa is generally composed of wood skeleton, comfortable layer, spring structure and other soft package materials, as well as surface leather or fabric material. Artsome sofa is soft but sturdy. The internal solid wood frame is the “skeleton” of the sofa, which constitutes the main body of the sofa and determines the overall shape. It extends to every corner of the sofa, and is the inner support of the outer body of the upholstered furniture. It bears the weight of the sofa material and the external load to ensure the stability of the sofa body.

Finishes such as leather or fabric on the surface of sofa is the outermost layer of sofa structure, which can be called “upholstered furniture costume”. Its texture and color is the embodiment of the quality of the sofa, but also the visual expression of the style and pattern.

Between the frame and the surface materials is the filling material that determines the comfort. Sofa is a kind of sitting furniture, and it is mainly leisure. This determines the size of the sofa is relatively large in order to adapt to the changing posture, and the rebound space is relatively wide in order to be close to the body under various posture, such as sitting, lying, etc. This characteristic determines the specific structural type of sofa, which is the use of soft materials, such as sponge, fiber cotton, doll cotton, and high-grade sofa will use spring structure, down, and other high-grade filling materials. The filling material should have good elasticity, fatigue resistance and service life, so as to ensure the overall quality of the sofa. In addition, different parts of the sofa, due to the different weight, also need to use different filling materials.


2. The Materials of Artsome Leather Sofa

2.1 Wood

Couch bones are of extraordinary importance. No matter how pleasant the appearance of the sofa leather, fabric art, and no matter how comfortable and intimate the shape of a sofa soft package cannot be separated from the solid wood frame. Without the frame of the effective, capable support, the sofa will be a mere facade, and unable to use. Therefore, we should pay attention to the design and production of sofa frame. According to ergonomics, reasonable sofa structure will be designed by solid wood frame to ensure that Artsome leather sofa have a strong strength and a long service life.


Sofa is mainly made of solid wood frame, so it can be very convenient to nail the bottom belt, spring, stretch rope, bottom fabric. Therefore, it has enough strength, which can withstand the normal use of dynamic load and impact load, without being destroyed. The wood frame is hidden in leather, fabric and sponge. The wood usually used is pine, forged wood, birch, eucalyptus and so on. These materials have straight texture, delicate structure. In addition, they are not easy to deform with the appropriate strength, appropriate impact toughness, good mechanical processing, and good nail holding force. Artsome sofa wood frame is mainly used with high quality oak that has clear and straight texture, high density and high tenacity and is not easy to dry shrinkage or deformation. What’s more, our frame has a special drying pest control treatment, so the moisture content of the wood is 12 to 14 degrees below the international standard, further ensuring the lasting stability of the sofa frame. It is worth noting that whether the moisture content of sofa wood meets the technical requirements of furniture products is directly related to the quality, strength and reliability of the products and the length of the cycle of the whole processing process and the improvement of labor productivity. 

Sofa frame structure generally uses with plywood to meet the need of modeling. Plywood material breadth is generally 1220mm×2440mm. And the thickness specifications are 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, etc. Generally, the thickness of 3mm is mainly used to cover the outside of the wood frame to provide reference surface and forming surface for the subsequent pasting sponge. Thickness of 12mm, 15mm, 18mm is usually used for sofa wood frame internal structural parts. The main characteristics of plywood are large breadth and balanced mechanical properties in all directions. And it is not easy to deform, and convenient to processing. These characteristics determine the popularity of plywood in upholstered furniture interior frame. Plywood is mainly auxiliary wood, used for the construction of sofa interior frame structure, jointly giving sofa products shape, strength and stable size. Artsome sofa wooden frame is used with environmentally friendly plywood, which reaches the E1 level.

The basic frame of sofa is square, and its base frame and backrest frame are usually separated-seat. Each seat has a nearly square frame, and the four corners of the frame are reinforced by triangle wood respectively, which are combined into different rectangular structures according to the number of seats. The backrest has a strip of wood drawn in successive steps to form an angle to fit the human body.

2.2 Sponge

Sponge is soft foam composed of polyurethane. In sofa manufacturing, it is the main body to create a sofa sitting sense. The comfort of the sofa has no inevitable relationship with the sponge density, but has a direct relationship with the sponge design and combination of the various parts of the sofa. There are different kinds of soft materials used in a seat bag.


A.Ordinary Sponge

This material is made of poly acid material, mixed with foaming agent and other additives, pressed into a simple mold and heated to press different shapes of sponges.

B. Fireproof Sponge

Fire retardant is added to the material formula, before foaming the sponge, so that the sponge can produce fire fighting smoke when it is on fire, and play a flame retardant role. Fireproof sponge is divided into British sponge and American sponge.

C. Polyester Wadding

On the sponge layer, in order to increase the softness and comfort of the sofa, this kind of polyester wadding is generally used. This kind of material is fluffy and soft, convenient to cut and not easy to deform. Different styles have different thickness.

D. Pearl Wool

It is used to fill in the corner of the sofa and the interior of the back, making the sofa look more full and elastic. Pearl wool is soft and fluffy, feeling smooth, warm and comfortable, and has the strong resilience, the good air permeability.

E. Doll Cotton

The three-dimensional polyester staple fibers of different specifications are combed thoroughly to keep enough elasticity, and the silicone oil content ratio of the fibers is added to meet the needs of different products.

F. Down Feather


Down is a kind of animal protein fiber, and the insulation performance is higher than plant fiber, such as cotton. It may shrink and expand with the change of temperature, generate the function of temperature regulation. It also can absorb the flow of heat from the human body. The hydraulic conductivity of down is very good, which can constantly absorb and discharge the sweat released by the person, so that the human body sitting on the sofa without wet and stuffy feeling.

Artsome chooses sterile natural black and white goose down, used for cushions, bags and other places. Natural down has thermal, breathable, hygroscopic and drainage properties. It is the most comfortable and natural filling material in the world. Among the four natural thermal materials, cotton, wool, silk and down, down has the best thermal performance. ARTSOME sofas use a high standard of natural down that is odorless and sterile. It adopts the most advanced, scientific and reasonable exclusive ratio method in the industry, which solves the moisture volatilization of down in the long-term humid weather, and can keep the down soft to fit human’s body.

Artsome leather sofa is the pursuit of a more natural comfort, so the soft material structure is relatively exquisite, which is also based on the proportion of human ergonomics and human body strength to carry out a reasonable match. Therefore, the surface contacted with human body is used down feather or doll cotton, because down and doll cotton are a kind of high quality material with body fitting, moisture absorption, air permeability, strong comfort and other characteristics. The first layer of the seat bag adopts high resilient sponge with a density of about 45 to match the down layer or the doll cotton to complete the cushioning of the human seat pressure. The middle layer is made of polyurethane to enhance the flexibility required for the human body to sit. And the bottom layer is used stiffened high rebound sponge that is not less than 50 densities to enhance its bearing capacity. 

2.3 Bow Spring


Bow springs are often used in seat frame and back frame to support sponges. Artsome’s special bow spring belongs to chromium-manganese alloy spring steel, which meets the GB/T13304 steel class standard. Its manganese content is 1.2%, and chromium content is 0.8%. Bow spring is strong and elastic, not easy to oxidize, and has a long service life. A special leather sound insulation material will be used to connect with the bow spring, mainly to prevent the abnormal sound generated by the connection between the bow spring and the wood frame. At the same time, each bow spring is connected with the special metal wire for the overall balance, which can make the bow spring balanced force, and ensure that the sofa will not appear abnormal phenomenon in more than 100,000 times of normal use.

2.4 Cow Leather


Leather is divided into natural leather, recycled leather, artificial leather. Natural leather is a strong, flexible and durable material obtained from the tanning, or chemical treatment of animal skins and hides to prevent decay. It is a necessary material for modern leather products to make leather materials with various characteristics, strength, feel, color and pattern. The most common natural leathers come from cattle, sheep, goats, equine animals, buffalo, pigs and hogs, and aquatic animals such as seals and alligators. All the leather used on Artsome furniture are Italian top grain cow hide leather, which is the high quality and luxurious in the furniture world. 

Each piece of Artsome Cow leather has undergone a special 8 weeks tanning process involving leather sandy polishing, natural oils to give it a beautiful finishing, cracks process to make it old style and natural oils to make it beautiful vintage looking . To produce a piece of vintage leather item, our craftsmen carefully hand finish every area in a variety of aging processes, each taking a considerable amount of time and detailed work. Each piece of leather maintains its natural pigmentation, which means that no sofa or armchair is exactly the same, making it very unique to our customer. The beauty of our top grain leather also means that it breathes easily and wears for longer, so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

High-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship can make a vintage leather sofa. To do every step carefully is the final guarantee of the quality of Artsome high-end luxury home furniture.





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