Sustainable practice raw material of Artsome leather is based on fur from a wide range of livestock farms, respecting animal welfare. Our leather suppliers are tracked by satellite to ensure that plant and animal protection measures are in place, that all property is protected within 20% of the area, and that there is zero tolerance for deforestation, fire and invasion of indigenous lands. At the end of the process, the dander and bran are sent to make fertilizer.

Leather is the oldest fabric in the world and of fundamental importance to the development of our state. When the Jesuits introduced cattle to Pampa Steppe around 1600, the herd gave rise to cattle that changed life in the area. Cattle are herded and bred on large tracts of land. At the time, these animals were used as food for missionaries, but were also used to delineate the territory of large tracts of land that are today part of Brizal, Uruguay and Argentina.

More than a century ago, the tannery was installed near Pampa because it had a source of running water that would generate energy for the factory. So concerned with the environment, since the beginning, we have used clean and renewable energy sources (wind, solar, biomass…), maintaining maximum control over the emission of volatile organic compounds and particulates in the atmosphere. We continue to carry out actions to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, preserving nature and transforming attitudes, so that we can transform leather and lives for many generations.


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