An Iconic Piece of Vintage Furniture: Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa, as a true classic, this timeless piece is sure to remain popular for generations to come.
Guangdong-China | 2023/09/05
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A Guide for Modern Metal Furniture

Modern metal furniture, its versatility in design, strength, and resistance to damage make it a long-lasting investment that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment.
Guangdong-China | 2023/08/15
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The Exhibition: Furniture China 2023 Shanghai

Furniture China 2023,We are Back!
Guangdong-China | 2023/08/01
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Introduction of Modern Furniture Material — Acrylic and Glass

If you would like a bright living space, the furniture with tempered glass and acrylic will be a perfect choice.
Guangdong-China | 2023/07/15
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The Exhibition: Imm Cologne 2023

With the normal management of the Covid-19, we will continue to set sail in Cologne, Germany after the Canton Fair.
Guangdong-China | 2023/05/09
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The Exhibition: Canton Fair 2023

The 133rd Canton Fair will resume all offline exhibitions in nearly three years.
Guangdong-China | 2023/04/14
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Tips for Looking for a Quality New Bed

The ability to get enough undisturbed sleep will have immediate and long-term effects on your health.
Guangdong-China | 2022/09/13
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How to Design the Modern Furniture Sofa

A contemporary furniture sofa is a great choice if you want a stylish and comfortable sofa.
Guangdong-China | 2022/10/02
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Modern Furniture Finishes & Furniture Care Tips

Real leather is a natural product and learning how to keep these furniture sofas well is important in daily life.
Guangdong-China | 2022/11/14
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The Structure & Materials of Artsome Leather Sofa

Reasonable sofa structure and durable materials determine the comfort and durability of a sofa.
Guangdong-China | 2022/12/16
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Types & Identifying Tips of Cowhide Leather

Different types of cowhide leather have different effects on use and knowing how to choose the real cowhide leather is important.
Guangdong-China | 2022/08/06
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Process of Antique Cowhide Leather Making

Artsome antique cowhide leather is processed by our specialized leather coloring workshop with many handcrafted steps.
Guangdong-China | 2022/07/26
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Tips for Mid-Century Modern Furniture Placement

Reasonable sofa placing methods can make the living room more exquisite, and you will be more comfortable sitting on the MCM sofa.
Guangdong-China | 2022/08/19
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The Exhibition

Our company will participate in Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition in July and show our latest product lines and launch newest collection.
Guangdong-China | 2022/06/11
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The Exhibition: VIFA EXPO 2023

Artsome, an expert in high end home furniture, today announces that we will present at Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair on 8-11 March, 2023.
Guangdong-China | 2023/02/08
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The Exhibition: IFEX Indonesia 2023

Artsome, an expert in luxury home furniture, today announces that we will present at the Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2023 on 9-12 March, 2023.
Guangdong-China | 2023/02/10
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