Deconstructed Back Exposed Frame Leather Armchair

A deconstructed leather armchair is a captivating furniture piece that combines ruggedness with sophistication.
Guangdong-China | 2024/04/05
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The Exhibition: Canton Fair 2024

Artsome will show our latest product lines in Phase 2, from April 23-27, 2024.
Guangdong-China | 2024/03/29
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The Exhibition – The 53rd CIFF Guangzhou

See you at CIFF Guangzhou!
Guangdong-China | 2024/01/20
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The Chandigarh Chair with Inverted V-shaped Acrylic Legs

The Chandigarh Chair with inverted V-shaped acrylic legs is a modern and stylish seating option.
Guangdong-China | 2024/01/03
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Industrial Antique Pipe Sofa Set

The Industrial Iron Pipe & Leather Sofa on wheels pays homage to the industrial revolution by combining the sturdy and practical nature of iron pipes with the luxurious comfort of leather upholstery.
Guangdong-China | 2023/12/09
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The Stylish and Contemporary Piece of Furniture — Terrazza Sectional Sofa

Terrazza Sectional Sofa offers comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces.
Guangdong-China | 2023/11/25
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Egg Chair & Swan Chair, the Iconic Symbol of Scandinavian Design

Their timeless appeal and ability to enhance the overall aesthetic of a space make them a favorite choice for those seeking both comfort and style.
Guangdong-China | 2023/11/13
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The Exhibition: Canton Fair 2023 (Autumn)

Artsome, an expert in high end home furniture, today announces that we will present at Canton Fair 2023 (Autumn) on 23-27 October, 2023.
Guangdong-China | 2023/10/13
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Vanity Fair Sofa, the Luxurious and Stylish Furniture

Whether you're seeking a statement piece or a practical seating solution, the Vanity Fair Sofa is sure to exceed your expectations.
Guangdong-China | 2023/10/04
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An Iconic Piece of Vintage Furniture: Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa, as a true classic, this timeless piece is sure to remain popular for generations to come.
Guangdong-China | 2023/09/05
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A Guide for Modern Metal Furniture

Modern metal furniture, its versatility in design, strength, and resistance to damage make it a long-lasting investment that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment.
Guangdong-China | 2023/08/15
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The Exhibition: Furniture China 2023 Shanghai

Furniture China 2023,We are Back!
Guangdong-China | 2023/08/01
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Introduction of Modern Furniture Material — Acrylic and Glass

If you would like a bright living space, the furniture with tempered glass and acrylic will be a perfect choice.
Guangdong-China | 2023/07/15
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The Exhibition: Imm Cologne 2023

With the normal management of the Covid-19, we will continue to set sail in Cologne, Germany after the Canton Fair.
Guangdong-China | 2023/05/09
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The Exhibition: Canton Fair 2023

The 133rd Canton Fair will resume all offline exhibitions in nearly three years.
Guangdong-China | 2023/04/14
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Tips for Looking for a Quality New Bed

The ability to get enough undisturbed sleep will have immediate and long-term effects on your health.
Guangdong-China | 2022/09/13
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