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  • 2022-06-11
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Our company will participate in Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition in July and show our latest product lines and launch newest collection.

The Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition (SIFEChina) is the largest commercial design exhibition for furniture in China. SIFEChina has followed the principle of design-oriented, fashion-leading, and continuous innovation. The event is the gateway for introducing Shenzhen to global furniture and design circles. It is a strategic platform for connecting international design resources with manufacturers in China as well as manufacturers seeking to expand and promote their business operations in China’s vast domestic market.

This exhibition is going to be held from July 25 to July 28 at Shenzhen World, covering an area of 300,000 square meters. The booth number of our company is 13C08 and the booth area is 283.5 square meters.

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