The Chandigarh Chair with Inverted V-shaped Acrylic Legs

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The Chandigarh Chair is a modernist furniture design that emerged from the architecture of Le Corbusier in the 1950s. The chair was a part of furniture collection designed for the government buildings Le Corbusier was commissioned to create in the newly-formed city of Chandigarh, India. The chair was not just a functional element of the buildings but also a visual representation of the modernist ideals and aesthetics that Le Corbusier championed. The Chandigarh Chair exudes a sense of elegance and modernity.

1. History

The Chandigarh Chair is a piece of furniture that was designed by Swiss architect and designer Pierre Jeanneret in the 1950s, during his time working in Chandigarh, India. Chandigarh was a planned city designed by architect Le Corbusier after India gained independence in 1947, and Pierre Jeanneret had been invited by Le Corbusier to contribute to the project.

The chair was designed as part of the furniture collection for the government buildings in Chandigarh, which included the High Court, the Legislative Assembly, and the Secretariat. Its design was based on the functional and minimalist principles of Le Corbusier’s modernist architecture, with an emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and comfort.

The Chandigarh Chair is made from teak wood and cane, and has a low seat and wide armrests, making it both comfortable and practical for use in public buildings. Since its creation, the chair has become an iconic piece of modern furniture, and has been widely reproduced and imitated.

Today, the Chandigarh Chair is considered a classic of mid-century modern design, and is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts around the world. Its design continues to influence contemporary furniture designers, and its enduring popularity is a testament to Pierre Jeanneret’s innovative approach to furniture design.

2. Structure

Lauded for their geometric, sculptural aesthetic, the Chandigarh chairs are a favorite of interior designers, with many architectural and interior design magazines featuring Chandigarh designs in rich people’s minimalist spaces. What were once utilitarian chairs for government employees and the general publics are now art pieces and “design classics”. But they’re also returning slowly to a more everyday position as manufacturers across the world have begun to make Chandigarh chairs for the mass market again.

The structure of the Chandigarh Chair is a combination of several simple geometric shapes, allowing for ease of production and functionality. The seat and backrest are made of a single piece of molded plywood that is curved and contoured to provide maximum comfort. The legs are made of inverted V-shaped solid wood, providing stability to the design.

Our designers replaced the traditional wooden structure with acrylic. The acrylic legs of the Chandigarh Chair are transparent, providing a floating effect that further enhances the chair’s elegance. Acrylic is a lightweight, durable, and rigid material that is resistant to shattering, making it an excellent choice for furniture construction. The inverted V-shape of the legs also provides added stability and strength to the design, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. Its unique inverted V-shaped acrylic legs not only provide stability but also serve as eye-catching design elements. The transparency of the acrylic material creates a floating effect, giving the chair a lightweight and airy appearance.

3. Materials

The materials used in the Chandigarh Chair are high-quality and carefully chosen to ensure longevity and practicality. The molded plywood used in the seat and backrest is typically made of layers of wood veneer with each layer positioned with its wood grain at right angles to adjacent layers. This process strengthens the wood and prevents it from warping. The cushioning of the seat and backrest is covered with premium fabric or leather upholstery, providing a luxurious feel and making the chair easy to maintain. 

The seat and backrest of the Chandigarh Chair with acrylic legs are ergonomically contoured to provide maximum comfort. They are upholstered in high-quality materials, such as top grain cowhide leather, ensuring a luxurious feel and easy maintenance. The chair’s cushioning is carefully designed to provide optimal support, making it suitable for long hours of sitting.

4. Application

The Chandigarh Chair finds its use in various settings, from private homes to office spaces, making it a versatile piece of furniture. The sleek and modern design of the chair is well-suited for contemporary interiors, while the practicality of its size and materials also make it a great addition to urban spaces where space is a premium.

The overall design of the Chandigarh Chair with acrylic legs captures the essence of contemporary aesthetics. Its clean lines and minimalist structure make it a versatile addition to any space. Whether placed in a living room, dining area, or workspace, this chair effortlessly complements modern or eclectic interior decor styles. 

In addition to its visual appeal, the Chandigarh Chair with acrylic legs also prioritizes functionality. Its compact size allows it to fit well in smaller spaces, making it a practical choice for urban dwellings. The acrylic legs are not only visually striking but also easy to clean, enhancing the chair’s overall convenience.

5. Maintenance and Care

In terms of maintenance and care, the Chandigarh Chair requires a minimal effort in keeping it in its best condition. Regular dusting and wiping with a soft, damp cloth are enough to clean the surfaces of the chair, while avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive materials will prevent any damage to the materials. It is also recommended to keep the chair out of direct sunlight or heat sources to avoid discoloration or warping of the materials. 

Overall, the Chandigarh Chair is a symbol of contemporary aesthetics and functionality and overall design make it an outstanding piece of furniture that adds a sophisticated and modern touch to any space. The Chandigarh Chair with inverted V-shaped acrylic legs is a fusion of style, comfort, and functionality. Its modern design and attention to detail make it a standout piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.





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