A contemporary home, isolated in the flora of its own garden. A neutral, serene space, perfect for composing domestic landscapes with contaminated formalities, constructed for poetic inflections or more decisive fusions, from the shared daytime spaces to the bedroom, which becomes a stage for our private lives, with sophisticated designer furnishings that steal the show thanks to their refined details. Choosing authentic, international design that bridges tradition with innovative materials, shapes, and finishes.

The Infinito Wall Bookcase

The Infinito Wall bookcase can be equipped to manage cables thanks to container modules with holes for cables to pass through and with glass doors that allow the use of a remote while maintaining visual order and lightness.

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Capitol Complex Armchair

The upside-down “V” supports, connecting crossbars and external joints between the armrests and backrest are all in exposed wood. In the classic version, in teak, or in oak.

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Sengu Sofa

A design sofa open to unconventional arrangements, but with shared assets, thanks to corner and end elements and to an ottoman with or without low table. The cushions are filled with 100% recycled fiber, the result of a  project to promote wellbeing and sustainable design.

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